* 15-20 minute creative writing videos hosted by author/professor Melissa Clark

* Find your writing voice

* Hands-on writing prompts

* Begin the novel you've always dreamed of writing

* Flesh out some ideas for a screenplay

* Write for fun, experimenting with creativity

* Sample classes include "Beginnings", "Endings", "Flash Fiction", "The Graphic Novel".

* Watch from anywhere - home, your next flight, your hotel room

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Hi! I'm Melissa Clark. I'm an author, television writer and professor with a passion for helping people find their voice. With over 20 years of teaching experience, at universities, colleges, conferences, and book and writing festivals, I've decided to host my creative writing workshops online so you can participate from anywhere. I created this space as a way to connect with people from across the globe. Take a creative writing class or three!

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Write Your Story
Write Your Story
What is your story? This writing prompt will help you unpack memories and perhaps encourage you to start thinking about your memoirs!

Customer Testimonials

As a non-writer, I was initially intimidated by the writing exercises, but they were so much fun and yielded such surprising results that my fear melted away. Thanks so much for these fantastic classes.

Jennifer, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

BEGINNINGS helped me finally begin my memoir!

David, Phoenix, AZ

I took the Flash Fiction class, learned a lot and even wrote my own flash. Great episode and tons of fun.

Lauren, Los Angeles, CA